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Beaded Dreams Fenton Art Glass Lotton
Pilgrim Westmoreland
Marian and Don
Marian Thornton and Don Fenton
at a signing at Collector's Showcase
in 1984.
Marian, Don, and Donna 
Marian with Don and Donna Fenton
at a signing at Collector's Showcase
in 2002.
Bill Fenton 
Bill Fenton, past president of Fenton Art Glass Co.
Marian and William Heacock 
Marian with William Heacock at an
appraisal at Collector's Showcase in 1984.

  Marian Thornton has been collecting glass for 60 years.  She opened Collector's Showcase in 1982.  (It was time to either go into business, or stop collecting!)  She has one of the most expansive and impressive collections of Fenton Glass around, even winning Fenton's Largest Independent Account award for two years running.  Chances are if you've ever called the Fenton Company looking for a specific piece, they've given you our number!  She is known as our resident "glass expert".  Over the years, Marian has hosted many well known people in the glass industry, including William Heacock, Kelsey Murphy, Charles Lotton, Tom O'Connor, and of course Frank Fenton, Bill Fenton, Don and Donna Fenton, George and Nancy Fenton, Mike Fenton, Scott Fenton, and Lynn Fenton.  She has had several pieces made by Fenton exclusively for Collector's Showcase, including a new line of 12 "Mama and Baby" Bears, one for each month of the year.  (Watch soon for a line of four Seasons painted Burmese Cats!)
  In addition to Fenton, she carries a wide variety of other Art Glass, including well over 100 pieces of Kelsey Murphy's Pilgrim Cameo Glass, a nice selection of Sabino, Lotton, and other lesser known artists she found on a tour of European glass studios she went on with Kelsey Murphy.
  Her inventory is so extensive that we cannot list everything!  If there is something specific you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.  You will either get myself, Jenni, my brother, BJ, or our Mother, Marian, as we are the only ones involved in the business.  We will be happy to answer any questions, or help you in any way we can.  Thank you so much for dropping in!  Please check back, as we will be trying to get more things on all the time!
Marian and Scott 
Marian with Scott Fenton at a 
signing event at Collector's Showcase
in 2003.
Frank, Marian, and Larry
Frank Fenton with Marian and
Larry Thornton at the Fenton 
Nancy, Marian, and George 
Marian with George and Nancy
Fenton at a Rossi unveiling at Collector's
Showcase in 2003.